Religion Womens Straight Leg Jeansan cologne is the

The latest and the classics The classics jo malone sweet lime cedar hearing that it inspired by thai cuisine should be no cause for concern.That because jo malone sweet lime cedar brings a refreshing, classic-Smelling fragrance to the table.With its balance of zesty fruits, spices and delicate flowers, this cologne provides a subtly formulated bouquet that works well to convey a sense of refined, masculine sensitivity.It a well-Rounded fragrance that speaks of refined sophistication and lighthearted style. Best for:Given its fresh, light playfulness, jo malone sweet lime cedar is the perfect accompaniment to any date night–Especially any first dates. Acqua di parma colonia when you want the epitome of classic men cologne–Fresh, masculine and timeless–Then you want acqua di parma colonia.This traditionally revered fragrance for men offers guys a very sophisticated fragrance that avoids the pitfalls of trying to be one extreme or the other.It straightforward, lightweight and natural.So, when you want a cologne that conveys those things, you need not look any further than acqua di parma. Best for:There a no-Fuss, seriousness To acqua di parma, which means that it means business;Thus, it makes more of an impression from 9-To-5 than from 5-To-9. Key notes:Lemon, bergamot, english lavender, verbena, rose, patchouli, sandalwood, and oakmoss Similar to:Ralph lauren polo Calvin klein eternity for men perhaps no cologne has even been so appropriately titled.Calvin klein eternity is a hallmark of men fragrances, and that for good reason too.The intoxicating richness that both classic and contemporary has long stood the test of time–And will continue to do so.With its engaging blend of floral top notes and muskier base notes, eternity offers that always-Appreciated blend of understated masculinity. Best for:Its unassertiveness makes it remarkably powerful on those nights when it your lady(Or the ladies)You want to charm and impress. Key notes:Freesia, mandarin, sage, white lily, sandalwood, and patchouli Similar to:Ralph lauren romance for men Yves saint laurent l ysl l provides a woody and intense fragrance that speaks to a professional, polished style.It a unique blend of spices designed to evoke both sensuality and style.When it rests on the skin, ysl l leaves an indelible impression of chic sophistication and know-How.It be your go-To cologne in all important situations. True Religion Jeans UK Best for:If one night you dressing to impress, say on an important dinner with a prospective new account, then ysl l will be the fragrance that helps you seal phlsnorth the deal. Key notes:Bergamot, Cheap True Religion Jeans cedar, white ginger, white pepper, cedarwood, and tonka beans Similar to:Armani code The art of smelling good Again, complete style takes more than wearing the right clothes or being in fashion;It takes a holistic approach to engaging all the senses, and your cologne is the key ingredient in making your style three-Dimensional.Just remember to strike that fine balance between just enough and way too much–It a fine line to walk, but True Religion Womens Straight Leg Jeansan important one to walk nevertheless.

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